C.2.3 - Planning and budgeting

Planning and Budgeting involves the activities of determining strategic direction, identifying and establishing programs and processes to enable change, and allocating resources (capital and labor) among those programs and processes.

Information types

Code Name Impact levels
Confidentiality Integrity Availability
C.2.3.1 Budget formulation Low Low Low
C.2.3.2 Capital planning Low Low Low
C.2.3.3 Enterprise architecture Low Low Low
C.2.3.4 Strategic planning Low Low Low
C.2.3.5 Budget execution Low Low Low
C.2.3.6 Workforce planning Low Low Low
C.2.3.7 Management improvement Low Low Low
C.2.3.8 Budget and performance integration Low Low Low
C.2.3.9 Tax and fiscal policy Low Low Low