D.16 - Law enforcement

Law enforcement involves the protection of people, places, and things from criminal activity resulting from non-compliance with U.S. laws. This includes patrols, undercover operations, response to emergency calls, as well as arrests, raids, and seizures of property. Impacts to some information and information systems associated with law enforcement missions may affect the security of a broad range of critical infrastructures and key national assets. Some information associated with Federal law enforcement is categorized as national security information. Rules governing establishment of impact levels and controls associated with national security information are governed by a separate set of policies and are outside the scope of this guideline. Confidentiality and integrity impacts are often determined by statutory and regulatory requirements that vary by violation.

Information types

Code Name Impact levels
Confidentiality Integrity Availability
D.16.1 Criminal apprehension Low Low Moderate
D.16.2 Criminal investigation and surveillance Moderate Moderate Moderate
D.16.3 Citizen protection Moderate Moderate Moderate
D.16.4 Leadership protection Moderate Low Low
D.16.5 Property protection Low Low Low
D.16.6 Substance control Moderate Moderate Moderate
D.16.7 Crime prevention Low Low Low
D.16.8 Trade law enforcement Moderate Moderate Moderate