D.1 - Defense and national security

Defense and national security operations protect and advance U.S. National Security interests and, if deterrence fails, decisively defeat threats to those interests. Defense and national security activities include military operations, border protection, and intelligence gathering. Defense operations are subdivided into the following sub-elements: - Strategic National and Theater Defense - Establishing national and multinational military objectives, sequencing initiatives, defining limits and assessing risks for the use of military and other instruments of national power, developing global plans or theater war plans to achieve these objectives, and providing military forces and other capabilities in accordance with strategic plans; - Operational Defense - Linking tactics and strategy by establishing operational objectives needed to accomplish the strategic objectives, sequencing events to achieve the operational objectives, initiating actions, and applying resources to bring about and sustain these events; and - Tactical Defense - The ordered arrangement and maneuver of combat elements in relation to each other and to the enemy to achieve combat objectives. Impacts to information and many information systems associated with defense and national security missions may affect the security of a broad range of critical infrastructures and key national assets. Systems that, involve command and control of military forces, weapons control29, involve equipment that is an integral part of a weapon or weapons system, are critical to the direct fulfillment of military missions or are otherwise employed in strictly military operations30 are defined under Public Law as national security systems. National security information and national security systems are outside the scope of this guideline. Information assurance responsibilities are delegated to the Department of Defense for systems that are operated by the Department of Defense, or another entity on behalf of the Department of Defense31. Security objectives and impact levels associated with these systems are determined by the Department of Defense.

Information types

Code Name Impact levels
Confidentiality Integrity Availability